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"I have completed Ethica's CIFE™ and Advanced CIFE™ programs and they are simply outstanding. The illustrations are clear and their methodology is unbeatable. You enjoy them so much that you don't want to take a break and they truly take you from novice to a professional level within the shortest possible time. If Ethica was a classroom, there will be no truancy."

Muhammad Adamu, CIFE™ Graduate
Relationship Manager, First Bank of Nigeria Plc, Nigeria

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Welcome to CIBFI, Nigeria.



Certified Islamic Banking and Finance Institute (CIBFI) is an Islamic Finance arm of Haifx Consult. We are the Nigeria's Exclusive partner to Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance, Dubai; Ethica's CIFE (Certified Islamic Finance Executive ) is an accelerated training and certification program. In Nigeria, CIBFI is committed to pioneering, developing and sustaining all of our customers' needs around Ethica services and products while rendering other Islamic banking and finance related training and consultancy/advisory services.More...


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